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Guiding your organization to better ways of working.

The speed of innovation and change is only getting faster.

The best organizations recognize the speed of change is increasing and they establish a foundation of operational excellence in order to take advantage of the opportunities and prepare for any challenges.

At Faro Partners, we work with organizations to bring together their purpose, people, processes, and performance to create a culture of continuous improvement. We'll help you and your team discover opportunities, develop strategies, and deploy them into action.


What is most important in terms of realizing your organizational vision?


Do your leaders inspire participation from all members of the team?


Do we pay attention to what is most important and understand what needs to be changed?


Can we change what we need to in order to create what is most important?

Case study

Two siblings inherited their father’s manufacturing business. One sibling is the new CEO and the other sibling is the president. The CEO is looking at the historical sales trends and realizes the peak production season for replacement parts, between September and November, is fast approaching. Orders are beginning to come in, but the production operation doesn’t have the capacity to fill the orders when customers expect them.

After talking with the production manager, the CEO learns that if they had these specific parts, the production manager could expand the current production line and accommodate the current orders plus 10% more.

The CEO presents the idea to the President, but disagreement ensues, and any further discussions are finished.

Instead of letting this idea for expansion languish, the CEO brought in Faro Partners to help facilitate more productive conversations, manage the implementation of the improvements, measure success, and identify ways to look for more opportunities based on the metrics.

The result? 

"We have never seen this level of revenue in a repair season in our history!"


Faro Partners
Karl Watson

“Faro [Partners are] both strategic and tactical with the unique ability to connect equally well at all levels in an organization.”


Faro Partners

“Faro Partners reached across several lines of business at the same time and created improvements while building in accountability.”


Faro Partners

“Faro Partners have great vision. The team provides a very valuable sounding board to test the model and gain insight.”


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