3D Strategy 



requires translating your vision into a condition of readiness.

Strategy deployment is almost always incomplete.

I recently asked an executive to tell me about her strategy for the year. 

"That's easy", she said.  For the next five minutes she struggled to complete her sentences, and when she did, she immediately followed with, "that's not quite right." 

Finally, she looked at me, smiled her sly grin, and said, "Damnit, Audie, I hate when you do that to me."

I know she has a vision. 

She knows her business and her industry inside and out.  She's the best there is. 

She's never given the opportunity to discuss her vision enough to have language, ready to be spoken and front of mind, to speak about it at will.  

The first D - Discover -  isn't about finding your vision.   It's about finding your voice, and being prepared to discuss your vision with your team and invite them to wrestle with you to find their own voice, the process of the second D - Develop - that brings confidence to the third phase.  

The third D - Deployment - are the processes that communicate, create understanding and agreement, which then allows accountability to exist in ways that it may never have before.

This is when the condition of readiness is achieve.  The organization understands the vision, have had their concerns addressed and agreed to the methods of creating the outcomes.  They are READY.  

If you don't have the evidence of your organizational readiness, then your process is incomplete, too.  

Strategy Systems


Find out what is missing for you and your team.


We don't talk a lot about what you already know. 


We talk about what is missing. 


Once you find the missing piece, you do what you do best!