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Faro Partners is a seasoned group of consultants with a unique approach customized to meet each clients specific needs. 

Each of our partner bring decades of experience working with executives and managers in strategy, execution, performance optimization and leadership development. 

Coupled with our proven “Faro Advantage” approach, and a passion to provide leadership and guidance to help teams resolve their challenges, and empower them with new capabilities.

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Your solution reflects your purpose, your process, and your people.

The result is your desired performance.

Audie Penn

Audie Penn is an executive consultant in Operational Excellence. His work includes significant economic growth generated from new product development and multiple divisional turnarounds within Fortune 50 corporations.  His 30 plus years of experience in manufacturing industries includes Heavy Equipment, Food, and Building Materials.  Mr. Penn sits on the Board for Certification Oversite and Appeals for the Lean Alliance, representing the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Shawn Driscoll

Shawn Driscoll is an executive and consultant and has performed in HR, IT, and Accounting functions in the manufacturing and transportation industries. His work has had him lead teams of personnel, VARs, brokers, and SME’s in creating strategies and best practices with a holistic view of his customer’s needs. He now offers his skills and over 20 years of experience in the areas of Organizational Development, Human Resources Strategy and Compliance, and Talent Acquisition and Management

Ricardo Molano

Ricardo Molano Nieto is a talent management professional and career coach with a solid foundation in the employee life cycle.  His experience in recruiting, on-boarding, development, inclusion and outsourcing span multiple industries. Ricardo’s creative, courageous and compassionate approach has been developed as a consultant in the bio-tech, hi-tech and not-for-profit environments. Ricardo has created and led courses in leadership, branding, inclusion, team-building and effectiveness for over 20 years.

Luis Oropeza

Luis Oropeza is a senior executive who has led organizations to achieve extraordinary results. Throughout his 33 years in the building construction material industry and three international assignments, Luis developed a rich portfolio of practices to improve any business model. Continuous improvement focus, as well as the development of leaders and self-motivated team members are key strategies to his success. Luis believes in creating the right employee environment for success. He implements methods that encourage teams to focus and excel in aspirational goals.

Luis Antillon

Luis Antillon is an executive, mentor and coach. For over 25 years, Luis’ adaptable leadership style has been focused on improving business processes in functional support areas that include Commercial, Finance, Logistics, and Strategic Planning & Control, all while working for global companies in diverse industries that range from Food & Beverages to Building Materials. Outside the realm of manufacturing operations, Luis has found great satisfaction in successfully helping people that find themselves on an organizational continuous improvement journey.

Nikki Armstrong

Nikki Armstrong PMP, is an executive consultant, mentor and coach. For 30 years she has brought practical insight in utilizing proven processes and tools for managing projects, improving processes, leading teams, and increasing productivity.  She has worked with hundreds of companies across multiple continents in diverse industries including Agriculture, Biotech, Energy, Finance, Health Care, Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, etc. She enjoys helping people reach their goals by empowering them to overcome limitations, strengthen relationships and improve productivity.