Clarity is not Certainty

Can you tell me where we will be in 12 months?




Being clear about what you want to create does not bring with it certainty of any outcome.



A leader's primary role is first and foremost to define our purpose.



If you're not doing it, then who is?



The Falicy of Certainty

Leaders who claim to power of certainty are not only lying to you, but to themselves, as well.  

The inability to be certain of anything is not a leadership fault.  Your commitment to an outcome is not the same as being certain it will occur.  We can, however, be clear about what we are pursuing, and just as importantly, why we are pursuing it.

No mission plan survives enemy contact.  

Do you think our customers, or our competitors are going to behave exactly as we have defined.  Have they ever. 

If you say, yes, then congratulations, you were lucky.  You have probably blocked from your mind the countless other instances when neither the customer nor our competitors showed up where and when you said. 

Clarity is much more powerful. 

First, define the outcome.  Spend enough time with your team to understand how they understand the vision.  We agreement is present, move on to methods.  How can we accomplish this?

With the mission clearly in mind, no matter the challenges or barriers, our teams know the final outcome we desire, and will adapt and overcome any obstacle.  The mission is what is important.

I had a conversation with an executive who spent a great deal of time 'helping' his team.  "They need me to show them the best way."  

I asked him, if you are spending your time telling them how to do their work, who is telling them what the work is meant to produce?  

He froze and the realization hit him.  

His frightened response, "No one is."

Once the vision and mission are clear and agreements are in place to secure it, you can do anything you want with your time.  Accountability is a function of agreement, not guesses, or misinterpretations, but clearly stated outcomes, measures of success, and conversations of account regarding activities to move forward.

Have you completed your primary responsibilities, or are you assuming all is well?

Leadership Systems

Leadership is first and foremost influence.  Coercive, invasive behavior is not only ineffective, but it is also no longer tolerated.  Influence is about relationship.


Clarity is king.  No one can offer certainty to anyone on their team.  We can, however, offer clarity in uncertain situations. 


The effectiveness of our leadership can be felt in the culture our organizations experience. 


Let us guide you to a leadership system based on your own values.