Performance Systems

Incremental changes take place every day.


When we notice what isn't working, we make changes in the way we work.

Clarity of purpose and participation of people make this possible.

How are incremental changes impacting your team's performance?


Process Improvement Happens Incrementally.

When accountability cycles are in place and our teams become intensely focused on what is most important, we can see what isn't working.  

When we invite the team's participation and are curious about their experiences and their suggestions to solve problems, we find an ever-growing list of opportunities.

This incremental change process must be practiced and standardized to become a strength. 

Is this practice a standard in your organization?

The regular and frequent conversations that we invite team members into sharpens focus and attention on the effectiveness of our methods. 

Constancy of purpose and clarity of mission can accelerate the process of focus and surface more and more robust solutions every day.

Like the stairsteps that lead to higher heights, our incremental changes lead us to the vision and mission we have and open doors to new opportunities that we might never have considered before.

Performance Systems

Performance improvement is about change.

Incremental changes take place every day.  When we work with our teams to address the day-to-day problems, we move closer to our purpose.

Differential changes require a lot more help.  When we work across the processes that intersect with ours and find different ways to work together, we all move closer to our purpose.

No matter what we change, we have to share what is new with everyone.  Training our teams to perform cannot be overlooked.  Without sharing what is new, we can expect to create conflict and frustration.

The three main elements within the performance system allows organization change takes place.  Without the presence of all four systems, the best we can do it far from what we need.