The Management System

How do you know when the organization is ready to go?



Ask them the right questions about what is important.



When they tell you how to create it. 


That's how you know.

The accountability cycles . . . 

 . . .are nothing more than regular and frequent conversations about what is important. 

It's nothing special or secret. 

It's about conversation.

When the teams we lead provide solutions to the problems that keep us from accomplishing our goals we achieve closed loop performance and deliver the incredible value our customers expect. 

The cockpit in the image is one of the best examples I know of a closed loop system. 

When an adjustment is required it is implemented, the pilot or the autopilot system makes adjustments almost instantaneously.  This keeps the aircraft on course.  

The conversations we conduct with our teams offers the same kind of course correct.   

The frequency of our conversations is merely a function of correction. 

Too often and we may over correct or not see any impact from our corrections.  Not often enough and we may loose the shared importance of our destination or objective.  

Never is just not an option.

Do you want to know if your organization is ready.  Why don't you ask?

Management Systems


Accountability cycles focus attention on what is important through regular and frequent conversations about what is important.


The development cycles grow team capabilities aligned with what it takes to achieve what is important.


The capacity cycles identify and routinize what makes you successful in your role.


The model process / model role concept is realized when the intersection of all three cycles occurs in the management system.