Transformation Begins with You


The capacity of you is measured in minutes and hours.





 What you do with each minute and hour is critical to your teams' success.






You will have no success if your teams have no success.





The Capacity of You

Every role is responsible for more than one process.  Each of these processes requires attention and evaluation.  Consider this the demand signal for the system of you.  

How do we optimize our capacity?

By defining the performance requirements of each process and communicating that regularly and frequently we can limit the demands on our time.  As long as the team understands what is important and can get your attention when they need to, you can be present for your teams when they need you most.  When the objectives are not being met.

This isn't to say you should be hands off.  Quite the opposite.  You need to be hands on when and where your teams need you, not where you are most comfortable or when you just get lost in the details from your past.

Leaders can waste time digging into their favorite topics or sharing their methods from their days in the trenches.  That is great, if the team needs your advice or your guidance.  If they don't need it, or they don't want it, you are wasting time (capacity) and making yourself an annoyance. 

Giving your teams the best chance to prove themselves requires of you first and foremost to define success.  How will you measure their performance?  And how do you know they understand?

Once that is clear, most teams will waste no time in finding the best possible way of achieving your desired outcome.

What is more, they will better recognize when they need your help, when they are at a roadblock.  If you have created a culture of participation and value the members of your team, they will come to you with their request for help.

The old mentality, "leaders are to have every answer to everyone's problems everywhere all the time", does nothing but suboptimize the capacity of your system - YOU.

Our model process / model role approach to transformation will optimize your capacity and will optimize YOU.

Management Systems


Accountability cycles focus attention on what is important through regular and frequent conversations about what is important.


The development cycles grow team capabilities aligned with what it takes to achieve what is important.


The capacity cycles identify and routinize what makes you successful in your role.


The model process / model role concept is realized when the intersection of all three cycles occurs in the management system.