Energize your team

Before you can start to change something about your organization, you need to start the conversation and bring people together towards a common goal. Sometimes this can be done in a weekly team meeting or it needs a larger platform like a workshop or keynote speech. Audie Penn, partner at Faro Partners, is ready to help you every step of the way.

Listen to Audie

The Lean Effect

Leadership is all about influence. It's not about coercion. (42 mins.)

Gemba Academy

Ron and Audie talked about the ways that lean can be used to help teams solve unique problems. (34 mins.)

Manufacturing Talk Radio

Lean transformation by applying training, coaching, and project facilitation. (34 mins.)

Lean Frontline

Rewarding the boring factory (33 mins.)

Applied Excellence

Empowering your people. (16 mins.)

Destiney of Manufacturing

The future of lean manufacturing. (30 mins.)

Manage Smarter

Lean principles. (20 mins.)

rethink Productivity

Did you follow the process, and did you produce the intended result? (26 mins.)

Mojo Maker

Operations Excellence for Leaders in Tech. (42 mins.)

My Favorite Mistake

Audie describes his "favorite mistake" and what he learned from it. (24 mins.)

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