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Just like a lighthouse (or Faro in Spanish) guides ships around the harbor while avoiding risks. The same is true for our team. We help guide companies into an enterprise that prioritizes continuous improvement to help reduce risk, improve revenue, and promote a healthy employee culture.


Audie Penn, Managing Partner, started his career over 35-years ago. At Caterpillar, Inc. as the group manager of the North American assembly operations for hydraulic excavators, he worked with his team to ensure that the process was running smoothly and when a change needed to be made, he communicated both the ”why” and “how” to achieve new outcomes.  The key was the connection of functional and relational processes. After experiencing the power of that connection and the success of organizational change, he committed his career to helping others achieve this same success. In 2019, he brought together other like-minded executives to form Faro Partners.

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Nikki Armstrong, Partner, brings her 30+ years of experience to help businesses improve how they manage projects, lead teams, and increase productivity. Whether the business is in the agricultural, biotech, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, or IT industry, challenges persist. For Nikki, the key to overcoming these challenges is to strengthen relationships and empower employees to find creative solutions.

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Ricardo Molano Nieto, Partner, has committed his 25+ year career to helping organizations improve their employee experience – recruitment, onboarding, career development, and exit. Ricardo has seen the impact that employees and leaders can have on an organization. He shares his experience with the businesses that Faro Partners works with and as an advanced facilitator for Stanford’s Graduate School of Business MBA elective course “Interpersonal Dynamics”.

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Luis Oropeza,  Partner, graduated from Northwestern University with an electrical engineering degree. As his career began 30+ years ago he focused on using his experience to solve problems for the construction material industry, but he soon noticed that the true challenge that he was good at solving was with the business model he was working in. Since then, he has been using engineering background to identify and develop creative solutions to organizational challenges.

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Shawn Driscoll brings 20+ years of HR experience to help organizations foster a culture of collaborative cross-functional teams. This shift takes a commitment at every level of the organization in order to provide an ecosystem for employee engagement and continual improvement.

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