Working together

Each business is unique and so are their challenges, but the process for businesses to achieve organizational excellence is largely the same. It really comes down to what you want to change, identifying solutions, communicating across the organization, and measuring progress to hold the entire organization accountable. To get started, you need to have a vision of the future, a team of experts within your organization, and the ability to gain buy-in from every level of the organization.

Key roles

When you’re trying to actively change a business it takes a lot of people working together towards a common goal. The most successful businesses fill these roles with people who understand why we’re doing it and can communicate that vision to every level of the organization to capture more buy-in.  Once people understand why we’re doing this work, they can start to visualize a solution to work towards.

Executive sponsor – Drives the direction of the strategy and monitors progress at the macro level. 
Team sponsor – Manages the strategy and progress at the micro level. 
Team members – Individual contributors who are in charge of implementing the change. 
Faro Partners – Coach everyone through the process to help facilitate communication and understanding.

9 steps to operational excellence

  1. Identify and define what you want to change or achieve.
  2. Identify the processes and people involved.
  3. Define how you will measure success with key performance indicators.
  4. Define functional and relational processes that are impacted by this change.
  5. Evaluate supporting factors.
  6. Prepare team members.
  7. Monitor and communicate key performance indicators  as the team members implement the changes.
  8. Adjust as appropriate.
  9. Review the outcomes to identify successes and what can be improved next.
Get started
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Faro Partners
Jose Alberto Torres - OpEx Manager

“Working with Faro Partners has made an impact on my day-to-day work as well as my personal life. Success in our lean deployment depends on both the tools of improvement and the leadership culture. Learning the idea “you don’t know what you don’t know” allowed me to open up to learning and feedback. ”

OpEx Manager